"This doesn't mean constantly posting snarky memes about Wokeism on your Facebook. It means quietly mentioning your misgivings. Especially the misgivings about potential harm caused to the supposed beneficiaries of the Great Awokening."

This passage is wise and bears emphasis and reiteration. Deploying cathartic righteousness tempts us all from time to time, but it is among the least persuasive modes. We don't want cultural warriors; we want conversations. We don't need to "win" arguments; we need to understand our fellow citizens and help them understand us.

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Feb 24, 2023Liked by Mike Hind

Mike, This is spot on...one of your best pieces, really. It is actionable, sane, and relevant. Many thanks.

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Dec 29, 2023Liked by Mike Hind

Yes. "Wokeism's central tenet that the fate of black people is entirely in the hands of white people is demeaning to its intended beneficiaries. As a non-racist this pisses me off endlessly...The tic I personally find most egregious is the idea that black intellectuals who disavow Wokeism have 'internalised white supremacy'. Literally an argument that black intellectuals cannot think for themselves.

For a brilliant 2-part essay that examines racial politics with nuance, read Bayo Akomalafe's Black Lives Matter, But to Whom?


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